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New Business Surgery for 2021

We're returning to our roots and hosting a weekly Business Surgery for any business that wants a free, business review.


Offering one hour Friday morning slots throughout 2021 for all comers. Simply book in advance and let's see if we can help your business to survive and/or grow. You may be surprised what we can get through in an hour! This informal meeting will help existing businesses, fresh faced start ups and even those people where the business is no more than an idea.


Email info@NWBCeu and we’ll confirm a date and time to help your business in 2021.



Corona Thoughts

As the country moves into an extended period of lockdown, the challenges to business are many, varied and serious. There are demands on all businesses both today and for tomorrow. As business owners and leaders we have to make sure we manage both at our best. I see only two rules now. Firstly, survival and secondly being ‘business ready’ as things start to return to normal.


From a survival point of view, you need to be as exhaustive as possible in securing grants, Job Retention schemes, VAT deferments, business rates and rental/lease payment holidays, CBILs where they are possible and sensible. One aspect not to overlook is your staff. Make sure you look after them as best you can and keep in touch with them to ensure they are maintaining their physical and mental wellbeing – you will need them in the future so do what you can to protect them now!


Secondly, get business ready. When we return to normal – whatever that means! – you need to be fit and ready to seize the business opportunities that will present themselves. Spend the time now getting your business fit. Look at the markets you operate in and look at the supply chain. Identify potential new suppliers and customers. Investigate new ways of working so you are leaner and fitter. Adopt new technologies that might work for you. Check your structure is lean and fit for purpose. You can do all of this now – as the saying goes “don’t count the days, make the days count!”


Wherever you are in lockdown, I’m happy to help. Please get in touch if you want a chat or would prefer to talk through business survival and becoming fitter and leaner.   


London and South East office

It's been a long time coming, but NWBC are pleased to announce the opening in September 2018 of our London office. With offices now in the North West and South East of the country we are available to provide our services to even more of the business community in the UK.

For further details, please call Paul McKibbin on 07971 172593.


New Business Funding Stream for England

NWBC are pleased to be able to delivere a new, England wide, business coaching and support service for growth business. Whether your business is a Start Up, micro (1-10 employees), small (11-50 employees), or a medium business (51-250 employees) and can evidence a determination to deliver strong growth, you could qualify for between 4-10 days of coaching at heavily subsidised rates.

Why not call the Office now on 0161 903 8291 to discover how NWBC can help you to enrol on the service and help your business to grow? 


Legal Demands

When an existing client opened the post, they received a damages claim for £120k! It wasn't what they wanted to see first thing in the morning but they asked NWBC to get involved.

We looked at the claim and quickly ascertained that while the basis for the damages was correct, the logic behind the size of the claim was incorrect, and by some margin. Despite letters from the claimant who insisted they would issue proceedings within 14 days, we helped to quantify the true value of the claim and then negotiate with the claimant. Three out of the four points in the claim were resolved after some negotiation but one proved more awkward.

With further negotiation with and information provided to the claimant, NWBC finally achieved a satisfactory settlement with the claimant at £35k, much less than the original £120k.




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